Sunday, October 09, 2011

Welcome to Talk Back TV مشروع لمدوّنى الفديو فى الشرق الأوسط

بإختصار شديد
يمكنك التعليق على أى فديو بفديو أخر
قم بفتح حساب على الموقع
قم بإختيار الفديو الذى ترغب فى التعليق عليه
قم بتسجيل تعليقك او ردك على الفديو
إنشر الفديو على مدونتك او صفحتك الخاصه على الفيس بوك او تويتر جميع قنوات السوشيال مديا


The Source Media Database contains segments from recent television programs and web video ripe for Fair Use Commentary. Most Source Media Video Clips have been divided into segments of up to 5 minutes.
You can SEARCH for Source Video by Keyword, Date Range, Tags and various Attributes. Keyword searching scans Show, Title, Copyright Holder, Description and Closed Captioning - if it exists. The Closed Captioning is displayed in Preview.
Repeated viewing of Source Media Video without creating a Rant will result in termination of Database access. The TalkBack Source Media Database is for Fair Use Commentary Only.
Please Refer to FAQ for additional Tips and Info


Play a Clip in Preview by clicking on the "Tile" prior to adding to your edit queue.
Preview displays detailed metadata for each Clip and Closed Captioning - if available.
You can also do a quick trim of your Clip in Preview. This will save you time.
Please Refer to FAQ for additional Tips and Info

Super Ranter

Select Ranters who consistently create Rants that are Most Popular, Highly Rated or chosen as Staff Picks will be invited to Upload their own Source Media Clips for commentary.
Please Refer to FAQ for additional Tips and Info


TalkBackTV Web Cam Settings

Web Cam segments will be automatically added to your Edit queue
Record and Re-record your comments until you are satisfied
Audio and Video Record levels are set automatically
If you want to adjust Video and Audio levels - use Control Buttons provided
Add notes or a transcript of your comments for reference - to make recording easier
Add a Title to individual segments when recording multiple comments to help stay organized
Finished Rant can be up to 3 minutes in length
Please Refer to FAQ for additional Tips and Info

Adobe Camera Permission and Settings

An Adobe Screen will pop-up and ask you to ALLOW Adobe to access your camera.
*To always ALLOW (and make Adobe Screen stop popping up) – while pop-up screen is open Click ADVANCED and then Click REMEMBER.
OR Right Click at any time on Record Screen and choose Settings and follow same steps.

Mac Users

If you cannot see your face on the screen, after you Click ALLOW for Adobe to access your camera, you may need to change your default camera settings.
Hold down CONTROL key and Click on mouse at same time. Choose SETTINGS from pop-up. Click round Web Cam Icon (bottom right) and Click: USB Video Class Video. Hit Close.
See FAQ for additional info.


Sequence and Trim

Ranter always appears in left screen, Source Media always appears in right screen.

Sequence Your Clips

Drag Rant and Source Clips from your queue into Timeline in the order you want them to play back. You can also drag Rant or Source Clips from queue directly into Player and Clip will automatically occupy next space in Timeline Easiest Way to Trim Clips Click on Clip in Timeline you want to trim Hit Play icon in Player Hit Pause when you find your "In" Hit "Set In" Continue to play Clip Hit Pause when you find your "Out" Hit "Set Out"
Fine Tuning Your Edit You can Fine Tune an Edit down to 1/10th of a second Hit "Go to In" icon Use "Fine Tune" arrows to tweak "In" or "Out" The counter below Fine Tune arrow icons will indicate minor shifts in your trim Fine Tune trims are sooooo fine you may barely notice. Play Clip to see actual change. Tweak again. Do the same for "Out"
Congratulations - your Clips are trimmed and you are ready to start Talking Back!

Edit Controls

Playhead - orange marker on Trimmer Bar indicates position in Clip. This can be manually moved with cursor. Playhead will not move beyond "In" or "Out" points.
Playhead Counter - orange numbers below Trimmer Bar show Playhead position in Clip.
In and Out - white markers on orange Trimmer Bar that indicate selected "In" and "Out" points. These can be manually moved with cursor.
In and Out Numeric - white numbers below Edit Controls indicating "In" and "Out" points.
Set In and Set Out - Hit to set selected Trim points.
Go to In and Go to Out - Hit for quickest way to return Playhead to a Trim point.
Fine Tune Arrows - Hit for word sensitive 1/10th of a second refinement to "In" or "Out" point. Note: Fine Tune is so "fine" that you will only see a change when you hit "Play".

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