Friday, February 18, 2011

#Jan25 :Day of Victory in #Tahrir Square.

Al Qaradawi delivered his last speech in Egypt in 1981 after the assassination of Sadat and has been banned ever since. He returned today to #Tahrir Square, and led thousands of Egyptians to pray for the martyrs who have fallen during Mubarak's era.

Egyptians People visited Tahrir Square today to celebrate victory and send a clear message to our Army; revolution is not a phase, it's a movement! It's a real change and we are watching!

The funny part was when the Egyptian State TV aired REAL live picture from Tahrir Square; and that was the first time since the revolution started. However, when the protesters started chanting against the government, the Egyptian TV cut the broadcast immediately!!! Some people just don’t learn. If you watch the Egyptian State TV now , you will find out they have a strong agenda which is praising the army instead of Mubarak. These people cannot live without kissing someone’s ass!!

How you go to bed at night if you are lying all day!!

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ManalS said...


Almost all the Egyptian people were there!! Certainly more than two millions. All the roads and bridges leading to Tahrir Square were literally blocked with happy masses with their fluttering flags.

I was stuck and squeezed :D but the feeling was indescribable though :)

I totally second what you said about our TV. We thought they learned the lesson, and that we finally have a respectable up-to-the-bar national TV... unfortunately, as you said, some people never get enough of ass-kissing!

Raafatology®الأغانى للرأفتانى said...

Lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but you know out TV:)
el Ta3rees is in their blood