Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak to step down tonight?

News about Mubarak to step down tonight and transfer power to either the army or Omar Suleiman the Vice President.

If he did so and gave Suleiman the duties, the only change for us is to re write the sign in Tahrir Square.

will see what is going to happen and write about it of course.


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Anonymous said...

So far from stepping down....
fuck the fuckin fucker mubarak and his secret police puppy suleiman!
i'm between hate and heartache tonight, angry ass hell now and also in deep fear for all the people of #jan25 now. things could get very worse now, wonder how the army will acting.
revolution upgrade to 2.0 now and more versions ahead.....
tommorow lot of demonstrations allover here in germany announced, hope lot of people will join.