The Army is BIG disappointment

Another disappointing speech by Mubarak and his Vice President. Mubarak confirmed that he was not seeking another term like that was an option. He delegated all of his duties to a vice president who is as evil as himself.

Mubarak apologized for the people he had killed, but not for the people he is going to kill by choosing to stay in office.

I really don't know what is going on in his head! He thinks after such a pathetic speech, people will just leave Tahrir Square and return to their homes?

My biggest disappointment so far is our Army. I wrote here before that the Army must choose a side; the people side I meant!! And yet the army is on Mubarak side.

Clearly, the Army and Mubarak choose blood over peace

No protester is leaving Tahrir Square or the streets till the entire regime steps down.

The people are not afraid of anything and they are willing to die for their country.

I am asking the Army again:

Please work for Egypt's interests and not for Mubarak's.

Sooner or later, the dictator is going down and you better be with us when it happens.

And for the international society:

Please support the demands of the Egyptian people to live a free life. Supporting a dictatorship regime will not get you any stability, but supporting democracy will.

For other dictators such the king of Saudi Arabia and Qaddafi:

You are next!