I made history yesterday!

I was a part of the history yesterday when I voted for the first African-American president of the United States. I never saw the country so excited about an election before. Yesterday’s was different to any other elections in our history. Yesterday was history writing and I am so happy to be a word of it. I saw people getting up at 6:00am, standing online for hours waiting to vote with a smile on their faces I have friends who never vote, but yesterday, they made sure their voice will be heard Yesterday we voted for the change. We told the world that we are sick and tired of George W Bush and his ugly years. Yesterday we voted that we are not racists and color does not mean a thing! Yesterday I saw people driving their cars, waving the American flags from the windows and beeping their car horns The feeling yesterday was like “ We took our country back”
God knows when? But one day, I will tell my kids that I voted for Obama!


انا حره said...


مظنش انى هعيش واشوف يوم زى دا عندنا

بس مين عارف جايز يجى يوم اشارك فيه فى صناعه تاريخ جديد لبلدنا مصر


Anonymous said...

wallahi I wish that we can witness one day something similar happening in our homelands which is in dire need of change. Let's hope.

I got all excited too last night watching all this unfolding on tv, it was truly a day in history..Now let's pray that God protect him. A lot of anger over race and color is still out there.

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

ان شاء الله هنشوف يوم زيه فى مصر لو مش احنا يبقى الاحفاد .. زى الاحفاد اللى هنا مشفوش اليوم ده
بس لازم التغير يكون من جوه الناس ما يستنوش الحكومه تغير نفسها

it was great day. I voted so many times before, but last night was something else. the whole country choose Obama because they liked his idea.
they did not care about his color or background.

American people are not racist

inshallah will see it in our homeland one day