After loosing the Tahrir fight, Mubarak’s regime is trying to win the Media!

Mubarak’s regime has lost the fight in Tahrir Square. His thugs and criminals could not terrorize the protesters. For the last few days, the regime is attacking media personal and reporters all over Cairo. They stormed so many human rights offices and arrested all of its employees.

As of now, the dictatorship has lost the streets’ fight and they are playing another dirty game. Egyptian State Media such as the Egyptian TV and the Radio are spreading false statements about the protesters and their supporters

The Egyptian State Media is trying very hard to scare the average Egyptian citizen who has no other source to the  information except of the State Media . They are describing the protesters as Traitors, Spices, and working for  foreign agenda!

The Egyptian State Media is also trying to scare the west of our Revolution. Mubarak is trying to scare the world from the MB who made it very clear that they were not looking for the presidency or the government in Egypt.

Egypt will never ever become a religious state! you know how I am sure, because I know lots of people in Tahrir Sq who are dying for the freedom of everyone.

Don’t listen to Mubarak’s Media thugs.


الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

say hello to the Mrs. and the Kids. I hope one day, you guys go back and Enjoy a free Egypt
We appreciate your support.

Domestic media has been our problem since Mubarak took office. It is state Media and never tells the truth

ray said...

The day the Arabic world would get rid of the(democratic)Dictators,Kings,and Princes would be the peace for the world.
Mubarak and Co should be judged and sentences according to their acts,their Fortunes returned to the People and to the country for the benefit of the people.
arabic world as well as Africa should
elect rulers for their Values and not the ones who INHERITED the Power to rule.

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

I agree with you 100%