Disappointing Army choose Mubarak over us!

The Egyptian army did not deliver its promise of protection the Egyptian people. It might not hurt the protesters, but it let Mubarak's thugs kill them without doing a thing.
Mubarak's thugs who they turned out to be a member of the police started attacking peacfull protesters for less than $10 per a thug.
The army stood by and enjoyed the bloody scene. They also ignored all the people calls for help. Al Jazeerah TV showed a Tank that was set on fire!!
As an Egyptian who was once proud of our army, I am now very disappointed. You are letting Mubarak kills Egypt's hope and future.
When the revoloution is over and we win our fight, we will be very pround to say:
we did not get help from anyone even our own army.
God bless Egypt and the Egyptian people

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aartattack said...

Hang in there. You have much more support than you realize. It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering.