Mubarak is running out of lies!

Lucky for us, the Mubarak's regime did not change much. They have the same stupidity and criminal minds.
If you watch Egyptian state TV, you will find out that the government is working very hard to spread one and only message:
People who are in Tahrir Square are agents for foreign government such as Iran and Israel.

Every night, the Egyptian TV hires a different clown who claims to be a protester in Tahrir Square.
The TV host asks the clown: tell us about what is going on in Tahrir?
The clown starts crying like a teenager in prom night!
" I hear people speak English. They don't look Egyptians"

Really? How do Egyptian look like?

It makes you sick to your stomach when you hear or watch these clowns.

The government media want Egyptian to fight each other. They want the average Egyptian to think that the revolution in Tarir Square is made outside of Egypt.

Mubarak and his thugs succeed for years to scare the west from Egypt opposition. They repeated for years; free Elections means islamic extremists take power.

Since the revolution started, Omar Soliman the Egyptian VP kept saying people in Tahrir Square are the Muslims Brotherhood army! I did not know that the Muslims Brotherhood have copts among themselves!

May be these tactics will work with some ignorant western governments, but it won't work with the people.

Mubarak is running out of everything including lies and fabricated news!


Anonymous said...

If it wouldn't be so serious, I could laugh my ass off with this official conspiracy theories.
There is the MB, holding Tahrir with people who doesn't look like egyptians, talkin english and is paid with KFC-Meals by Israel an other foreign powers. That's exactly the picture what I'ver ever imagined of so called 'islamic djihadists'. ;-)

And I'm also fed up with the shit that I must hear the whole day long here in german media. It's much fearmongering all about the brotherhood, which fits perfectly in the islamophobic mainstream here in my country. "Oh, are these arabs ready for a democracy, they could elect the wrong party and t will turn Iran79!" Not much people are willing to see what is really going on in Egypt and which diversity are there against the dictatorship.
I follow you and much others since days on twitter and blogs,and I deeply hope that you can turn this to a good end. But it will be hard work. Theres not only Mubarak and his old machinery of power, there are also all the foreign powers, who wants a formable government that serves their own political and economical interests.

I wish you all power there at Tahrir, your strenght and heartwarming revolution is an inspiration that made me fall in love with egyptians. ;-)

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

your comment is great! I trust smart people like yourself who know the dirty game our state media is playing
what you wrote is exactly what I am trying to say for the last few years.

Thank you so much for yous support and your kind words