Mubarak ordered his thugs to terrorize the peaceful protesters all over Egypt .

Alexandria, Egypt February 2, 2011
Mubarak ordered his thugs to go into the street to terrorize the protesters. Mubarak is doing what is his known for; killing his own people. The protesters in Tahrir and Alexandria were sitting doing nothing, and all the sudden some people in civilian cloths started throwing stones on them. The army just warned the thugs, but did not interfere yet. The protesters arrested one of these thugs and they found out he was a member of The Mubarak’s National Security.
What is happening right now in Tahiri is a set up by Mubarak and his dying dictatorship.
I call on the army to protect the peaceful protesters and I call on the international community to call on the dictator to step down to safe the Egyptian blood.
It is very clear that the army has changed its position. The army said they would never hurt an Egyptians and yet, the are not protecting them now. There is no single sign of any soldier or army personal in Tahrir. The army did not kill the protesters, but they let Mubarak thugs getting away with murders

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roedfugl said...

we are with you! now "our" goverments all over the world have to call mubarak to step down, immediatly. world cannot watching egypts people dying for the despote!

love and solidarity
be strong and stay save.
i'm so afraid for you all.

michèle meyer, switzerland