The New, Old government of Mubarak

Alexandria, Egypt February 1 , 2011
It is amazing what Mubarak is thinking. I will give everything I own just to get inside his head and see what the fuck is going on. It seems like the 83 years old dictator  lives in his own fantasy world. He sees angels, pink flowers, and rivers of wine!
When the Egyptian people demanded change and serious political, economic, and social reforms, he assumed they meant promoting some old faces and shuffling his shitty government around. Them man lost the senses of feeling and hearing. Some times I doubt his ability to read because if he does, he will see how much the  people despite him from the sign they are carrying in the protests. And yet, he still believes that the road of reforms that he supposedly started was not finished yet.
I really don’t know what road is he talking about. Is it the road of businessmen who occupied the country and secured every single opportunity for themselves or their relatives. Or is it the road of democracy where 100% of the parliament are member of his National Democratic Party? Or may be it is the road of shutting down all the opposition and throw every one who says no in jail.
His stupidity made him actually say that the ongoing revolution would not happened without the freedom and democracy that he allowed!
A friendly advice for a senior citizen: GET THE FUCK OUT OF EGYPT. Choose another sunny country because our Egyptian sun hates you. Get a hobby, learn new language or work on your fuck’n tan!

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