Today, tear gas smelled like jasmine!

Happy? Hell yes. It is a brand new feeling for any Egyptian. You have to live it so you can touch its magic!

We did it. Our first demand is finally met. It took us 18 days which was not bad for rockies.

When we walked to the streets we knew there was no way back.

In a day like this, you have to pray for the people who gave their lives so we can celebrate.

Everything looks and tastes better today. Tear gas, live bullet, tanks, stones you name it.

Today is a day to celebrate and tomorrow we are back in action to help build our own country with our own Egyptian hands.

I want to thank everyone outside Egypt who supported and believed in us. You deserve the celebrations as much as we do.

We get rid of a dictator by using our sense of humor, twitter, facebook, blogs, and of course our LOVE for the country.

Today the Egyptian people put the first stone of democracy in the Middle East.

We have the oldest history on earth, and today we just added another line to it.

The good days are coming!


نيسآان said...

مبروك لمصر الحريه

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

مبروووووووووووك يا بنات
الف مبروووك