Tuesday, February, 22: The Return to Tahrir Square.

People are going back to #Tahrir square this coming Tuesday, February 22nd. Mubarak might be gone, but his old team is still running the country. Same old faces, same old corruptions.

We got rid of Mubarak, but we did not clean the entire house yet.

We feel something is coming from Sharm Al Sheikh where Mubarak is hiding.

The Tuesday’s protest will have a clear message to the army and whoever left from Mubarak’s regime:

  • We must have a free Media.
  • The PM and his clowns must step down.
  • We must dissolve the State Security (Amn El Dawla).
  • We must Lift the emergency law.
  • We must know where are the Speakers of the Parliament and the Shura Council.
  • Everyone, everything that was a part of Mubarak’s regime MUST go now.

If you think the revolution is done, you are mistaken!

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