Call for Action, Reasons to go to #Tahrir Square this Friday, 4th march

The Egyptian Movement for Transitional Justice

1-The installation of an odd-numbered Presidential Council (Presidium) including a representative of the Armed Forces to replace the High Military Council. This Revolution is a People's revolution and not a military coup d'etat.

2-The replacement of Ahmed Shafik's and his cabinet by a cabinet of technocrats appointed by the Presidium.

3-The dismantling, not the restructuring, of the State Security apparatus (SS, sounds familiar, doesn't it?), and the immediate return of the full police force to its positions after removal of all its leaders who were directly related to the massacres and corruption. (And for those who still doubt that the current situation is not intended to perpetuate chaos, kindly explain why the police is still absent from our streets except for 8 hours a day?).

4-The full and proper redrafting of our Constitution by an independent council to allow for Presidential elections to precede Parliamentary ones by a sufficient time. (No more nonsense about the president having to swear in front of the parliament. This clause of the constitution must be changed and the pledge for the coming president's first term, ONLY, excepted. I would just like to remind you that our last president swore 5 or 6 times in front of a parliament, and it didn't prevent him from perjury. So to all those who keep repeating this misleading statement, please, get serious).

5-Bring all the heads of the previous regime to Justice for the right crime. El Adly's least offense, is money laundering. He should stand trial for crimes against humanity and mass murder. Same applies to Mubarak, Azmy, and all his other cronies. NO EXCEPTIONS will be tolerated.

6-Dismantling of the NDP and the nationalization of all its headquarters and accounts, as well as the banning of all its leaders and officials from taking part in political life.

I bid you for maximum participation as this will be the only way to really change our homeland. We cannot let our country slip away from us.

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