Egypt: The Fall of the State Security!

For those who don't know The Egyptian State Security; it was a country inside the country. As a secret branch of the police specialized in torture and kidnapping people. Cleary, you can call it, Mubarak Security, not the State Security. Egyptian people called it the Capital of Hell.

Yesterday, the people of the great city of Alexandria stormed the State Security building in Alexandria trying to protect the files that the State Security tried to get rid of. The State Security guards fired live bullets at the people and did not stop till the army got involved. Eventually, the people won the battle and took control of the building.

Today people all over Egypt, did the same thing. They went to dissolve this corrupted organization after years of suffering.

The stories we heard about these State Security buildings were horrifying. The people discovered Torture tools, underground jails, dark tiny rooms, and some graves!!!! The most important discovery was some documents which confirmed the involvement of the State Security in Sectarian Egypt suffered from in the last few years.

The State Security ruled Egypt by the help of Mubarak and the Emergency law which they used to shut down the opposition for the last 30 years. Dissolving the State Security was one of the Revolution’s major demands and it is another victory for the people of Egypt.

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مدفع رمضان said...

thanks god , iam very happy , but we want police back to streets

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