The Egyptian constitution Referendum!

  Muslims Brotherhood’s sign endorses the changes and asking people to vote YES!

Despite the huge argument about voting Yes or No in the upcoming Egyptian's referendum, so many people are just happy to VOTE.

For the first time in so many years, Egyptians are going to vote on something and they don't actually know the results in advance. We are used to the NDP wining by huge margin. In the 80s, it was 99.9%, it went down in the 90s to 98%, but in the last decade, it was 82%!

This voting will be the first in my generation without the name Mubarak written any where!

The referendum is on some articles in the constitution that discuss the Presidency and Parliament elections and the requirements for the candidates.

Some people want a brand new constitution instead of the one we have which was created in 1971.The other think the referendums are adequate. There is also calls to boycott the referendum!

The voting is only for Egyptians who live inside Egypt. For Egyptians who are living abroad, they have no say in this. They still cannot vote.

In my opinion, people should go out and vote and use the right that Mubarak hijacked for the last 30 years. Whether you like the new constitution’s articles or not, you have to go and cast your vote. Sitting home will not do you any good. The Army and the new government should learn that the people of the NEW Egypt are not going to give up their rights anymore. Glory to jan25.

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