Gaddafi is asking for the Dictators’ support!

Gaddafi sent a special representative to Egypt and some other countries. It seems like the Libyan Dictator is looking for the Arab League's support on the No Fly Zone issue. Don't forget, the Arab league is only missing Mubarak and Bin Ali. So he has more than 20 dictators left.
Gaddafi told the Turkish TV that his regime must stay in power to ensure security and stability to EU and Israel. He added, without him, EU would be flooded with illegal Africans Immigrants!
The interesting point for me is what is the Arab League going to do?
Amr Moussa, the front runner for the Egyptian Presidency Race is the Secretary General for the Arab league. He will hold this position till next May.
After the Egyptian Revolt , Moussa said he was with the Revolt and the Egyptians people demands of reforms and democracy.
Now, What Moussa is going to do with the Libyans Revolt? Is he going to support Gaddafi or the Libyans people?
Moussa served as Mubarak secretary of State for so many years. He was one of the NDP.

we will wait and see!

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