The Libyan Revolution must survive!

If Gaddafi survived the ongoing Libyan Revolution, the Arab Revolutions will stop for a while. Arab dictators are prying for Gaddafi's victory. They are watching him killing as many people as needed to stay in power. And they will do the same thing.

I personally don't want any international involvement in Libya. I want the Libyan people to win their own fight and taste their own hand made victory.

I am supporting the Libyan people behind the Keyboard, and by going to every protest here in New York and I really don't know what else I can do.

I pray for the Libyan heroes to achieve their honorable goal and get rid of such a criminal who has no pride nor dignity.

I believe down deep inside my heart that the Libyan people will win because they are fighting for a cause.

I am just concerned about how many victims will it take?

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