Egyptian Blogger was sentenced 3 years for insulting the Army.

After the Army used force to clear Tahrir Square few weeks ago, Maikel Nabil wrote here that the People and The Army are not one hand. He was mocking the famous Revolution Slogan " the People and Army are one hand".
Putting bloggers, writers, and media people behind bars was a Mubarak's trademark. We all said it would never happen again after the Revolution, but the Army proved all of us wrong. In one of the quickest military trails, Maikel was sentenced early this morning.It is a huge disappointment and a big red flag!
For me, shutting people mouths and taking their right of freedom of expression is like shooting a peaceful protester in Tahrir Square.  And just for the record,Mubarak's gang who committed so many crimes did not face a military trial. They are being questioned in luxury jail cells.
Our Army MUST stop military trails for civilians or we are back to square one!

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الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

I agree with you hundred percent. I dont trust the Egyptian Army at all. The secretary of Defense was Mubarak's man sine the 90s.