Gaddafi to protest against himself! Please pack your tent and go.

Gaddafi is planning to join the protesters to protest against his own regime!

We all know the guy is crazy, but not that crazy. May be he thinks it is a game and he wants to play. Or May be he thinks they are protesting someone else.

Gaddafi aired a televised statement to the Tunisian people after- Bin Ali ran away- criticizing them for uprising and forcing Bin Ali to ran to Jeddah.

He asked them not to believe the internet!

In Egypt, we waited for a similar statement, but he knew better. We would love to move out of Tahrir Square to scare the hell out of him.

Gaddafi is feeling lonely now. He is losing a dictator friend every month. By the summer, there will be a brand new Middle East.

The bright side for Gaddafi is he does not have to pack much; just his tent

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Gloru said...

Like all dictators, he is in denial. People like him are so self-involved, they cannot fathom the country functioning or better yet prospering without them. His time has come. Good piece.