It is time for the West to come clean!

The Western Governments should come clean now. Supporting dictators will not give you stability anymore. You should win the people not the dictator who is killing them.

You call yourselves the “free world” so please support the freedom and the people who are dying for it.

With or without you, the people will win because they are fighting for their basic rights.

You are trying to win a dictator by your silence, but you are making millions of enemies. What is happening in #Bahrain, #Yemen, and #Libya is a crime against the humanity and you are taking part of it by not saying or doing a thing.

Apologies will not be accepted very soon so it is better to act now.


Lillybrae said...

Because you have posted your comment to Twitter, you already know that it is the people to whom you speak. We, the people of America are for the people of these countries and for their freedom to choose. It is the dictators of these separate countries who point the people to a false enemy rather than for their people to focus on the Dictators. These people have figured that out. You should as well.

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

I know who the people of America are for because I am American as well:)
My words are for the government not the people.

but dont deny our state department is not doing a good job so is the EU.

Clinton asked Mubarak to step down after 11 days of the revolution!!!