Jan25 : The Revolution continues……

Video of the latest Egyptian Police’s Crime.

Mahmoud Wagdy -the new Minister of Interior- said in a statement that we should forget the past and move on. He would not send any police officer to trial for the past crimes! A day later, one of his police officer shot a microbus driver in Cairo (see video above). Does this sound like a new start?


We are not seeing any tangible changes in Egypt yet. If the Army and current government think removing Mubarak's pictures from the government offices will calm us down, they are mistaken.


∙         The revolution is not over  till we remove all of Mubarak's co-criminals’ friends from offices.

∙         The Egyptian state media did not change a bit. Still spreading lies, rumors, hatred, and Sectarian.

∙         The Police is using the emergency law to kidnap people for no reason.

∙         The government which Mubarak put in place before his departure is still running the country. 

The army asks the people to go back to their normal lives and stop all kind of protests and strikes and yet, none of the demands is met! The revolution was not about getting rid of Mubarak. It was about changing the entire filthy regime.

They are testing the people's patience and they should know by now that all of our patience was used in the last 30 years.

They are calling for troubles and they are going to get them.

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