Understanding Gaddafi’s Historical “Speech”!

If you did not watch the historic speech by Gaddafi, I am so sorry to tell you this: you missed one of if not the best comedy night in TV history. The speech was aired live on Al Jazeera networks instead of the Comedy Center. Till this second, so many people are trying to get in touch with his drug dealer. It was very clear that the stuff he was taking was unheard of. The highlights of the speech :

1- Bin laden and Al Qaeda were not running Benghazi!

2- He defeated America, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, and South America. No one know in which war!

3- He was looking for a dude by the name of Abdullfattah and he was very concerned about him.

4- He asked every parents to ask their kids to return home and stop protesting.

5- He said that he did not order the use of force against the people yet! So whoever died in the last few days was killed by aliens.

6- if the protesters did not stop, he would start a holly war to free the country from the Libyan people!

7- He would fight till the last drop of his blood.

8- He was/ is the GLORY. I am not kidding. He actually said itSmile

9- His son Saif was going to to take care of the Media and Diplomatic Relations. And we did not know what he meant by " taking care" was it the same " taking care" in the God Father?

10- Foreign governments and secret agencies such Egypt and Tunisia were behind the Libyan's Revolution.

12- He hated Al Jazeera and Qatar.

13- He was not a president like Mubarak and Binali. Therefore, he could not resign.

14- He basically did everything in Libya and the country was nothing without him.

15- He knew the names of all the Libyan citizens and he was bragging about it.

16- He said something about a secondary school kid who hit some guy and they ran after each other.

17- He mentioned the riot in LA in the 80s.

18- He confirmed the US Army uses American made fighter jets in Iraq and Afghanistan!

19- All protesters in Libya were doing drugs .

20- He mentioned rats and cats.

The only thing he missed was who would win the World Series this year. Let me tell you this, I am a native Arabic speaker, and I had no clue what the dude was trying to say. I never appreciated Mubarak in my life till I watched Gaddafi!

The speech needs to be translated from Arabic to Arabic first before translating it to any other language.Smile

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الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

I think the only reason he is still alive is people want to laugh more.

you are so right. it is going to be very ugly. he is going to kill more people tonight