Live and suffer Mr. Dictator!

Few months ago, our only hope as Egyptians was "Mubarak's Death". We dreamed of it when he went to Germany last summer for a "Secret" surgery. We even created a hashtag for it; #MubarakDeath. But we started to realize that Mubarak does not die. We joked about it by saying he was getting younger and would outlive all of us. But now, and after our revolution, I really don't want him to die. I want him to live to see the free Egypt he hijacked 30 years ago. I want him to see us building a brand new Egypt that he is not part of. I want him to watch #Tahrir Square and see how much we are enjoying Egypt without him. I wish he has the guts to look into the eyes of every parent who lost a child in the revolution and asks for forgiveness. I want him read his name in every newspaper with "EX" before it. Live and suffer Mr. Dictator. What you are feeling right now is nothing comparing to what we went through. Worst days are coming for you, and for us, we are having fun building the country we love. 

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