Poor Obama!

Poor Obama! I rally feel bad for the guy. The Middle East decided to change while he is in office. He does not know who to support and who to run away from.

The famous " Yes We Can" slogan did not include the Middle East in it.

I bet George W is laughing his ass off now while explaining to Laura that bombing the entire Middle East is the only option.

On behalf of the entire Middle East, please accept my sincere apologies. We did not mean to put you in this tough position.

And just for the record, I would love to see George W in a press conference discussing protests and tear gas:)


Stephen Sherman said...

Obama inherited 60 years (not just 30!) of American foreign policy. It's hard to just turn it around. In the Mideast, in particular, it's very hard to turn US policy around, because of Israel's strong support here and our dependence on oil & its price.

Personally, I'd like the US to set a much more even-handed policy regarding Israel & Palestine. I'd also be happier if we paid more for oil (like in Europe).

Just guessing, I bet Obama agrees with me. But the politics prevent him from changing course overnight.

Please accept my congratulations (and Obama's) at face value. The vast majority of Americans are genuinely thrilled with the Egyptian revolution.

الأغاني للرأفتاني said...

Thank you Stephen for your kind word. without the support of people like you, our revolution would never see the light.

I agree with you about what Obama inherited. I voted for him and I will vote for him in 2012.

I know how it works in Washington and it really makes me sad.

but that is politics

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