The Egyptian State Media? Still full of shit!

The Egyptian State Media is now calling Mubarak's regime " The Corrupts" Really? No shit!

The photo above is the cover of the Egyptian Radio and TV Magazine and the title is " Special File: Wanted!The Corrupts"

Where were you in the last 30 years?  Busy kissing the dictator’s ass i assume.

Thanks to the Revolution that gave you the courage and the balls!

2 months ago, same Media gave Mubarak so many titles:

  • The Leader
  • The Honest Man
  • The Warrior
  • The Man with wise vision
  • The Peace Keeper
  • The Man who built Egypt

Now they are attacking him left and right. What a shame! Shame on every journalist who hides the truth. Shame on every TV host who takes his agenda from the government’s Buildings!

These people may be did not kill anyone by guns and bullets, but they have killed so many generations by fabricating the facts and twisting the truth.

They are now calling us the Generation of the Revolution! 2 months ago, we were spices who were working for foreign agendas to destroy Egypt.

And for the record, I will never trust the Egyptian Media as long as it is owned by the government.

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