Egyptians abroad deserve the right to vote.

For the last 30 years, Egyptians did not feel that their votes count. Most of them did not even bother going to the Poll. And why would they? if they knew for sure that Mubarak would steal the election, and give it to his NDP thugs.

When Egyptians abroad asked to vote back then, the joke was like this “ When Egyptians inside Egypt can vote first!"

Now and after the Revolution, people feel very excited to vote. Everyone is looking forward to that day when the vote actually means something.

Till this moment, no one discussed whether if the Egyptians abroad will be able to vote or not.

As one of these millions Egyptians abroad, I ask the people who are working on fixing the constitution NOT to forget us. We are as Egyptian as any of you. And we deserve the right to choose who represents us.

Mubarak hijacked all of our rights for the last 30 years and we want them back!

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