Sorry Japan, we have morons among us!


Dear Japan,

Please forgive us. We did not make Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter; God is punishing us with the two of them. Glenn Back, the ultra idiot, said that the Japanese Disaster was a message from god and he also found the solution to all of our problems. The controversial political commentator suggested the Ten Commandments as a solution to current global woes. So in order for us to stop Gaddafi from killing his people, we will have to follow the Ten Commandments! Let say we followed the Ten Commandments, how do we make Gaddafi follow them!!

Since Beck is as bright as Gaddafi, I suggest that he should go to Libya and speak with Gaddafi about it. It will be great media for FOX news! Two smart men like Gaddafi and Beck just having a conversation. Wow; It is epic!

The other Moron we got is Ann Coulter who took her stupidity to a whole new level. During a segment on Bill O'Reilly's show, Coulter said " radiation is good for you"

And Yes the show was of course on our beloved FOX!

Coulter posted in her website that ".... The only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer."

Bill O'Reilly tried to be funny and told Coulter " So by your account, we should all be heading for the nuclear reactor"

People like Coulter and Beck should not be allowed near Radios or TVs because they are the definition of embarrassment. Think about it this way, will you ever give your 5 years old kid a bomb as a toy?

I want Dick Cheney invites Beck and Coulter to one of his hunting trip. And who knows, may be god will send them a message!

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