Hillary Clinton Visit to Egypt!

Hillary Clinton visited Egypt and Tahrir Square few days ago. She met with the Egyptian PM and the Minister of Defense. No one really know the hidden reasons behind the meeting. However, few days after the meeting, the Security Council has passed the No Fly Zone on Libya and we also read in the News that the Egyptian Army was going to arm the Libyans Oppositions.

I am hundred percent sure, the meeting was all about these two points. But some people think The Secretary of State also wanted to know what’s going on with the upcoming Egyptian Referendum and to make sure the Egyptian – Israeli peace treaty is secured !

Other people think the Army wants to get the US blessing on introduction General Samy Anan as a candidate for the Presidency which will stir lots of anger among Egyptians.

The Secretly of State wanted to meet with some activists from the Jan 25 Revolution, but the guys declined. The activists did not forget that the US administration did not support the Revolution from the beginning. A friend of mine said “ why should we meet her now when she turned her back to us” Clinton was not the first foreign official to get denied. The Activists rejected a meeting with some EU officials right after Mubarak stepped down.

The Egyptians activists point of view regarding meeting with Western Officials at this time is simple. They feel the west supported Mubarak for so many years regardless of the activists calls for reform and human rights improvements. Specially for Egyptians, the Revolution gave them some confidence and we know now that we are able to change anything with or without the Western Governments’ support.

The relationship between the West and the Middle east was changed forever. The people of the Middle East feel some power after the Tunisian and the Egyptian Revolutions. And I guarantee you this, if the our next government did anything stupid, you will see Tahrir Square filled again with people.

Most of the Arab dictators learned or are still learning the POWER of the people and sooner or later, they are going to respect it.

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